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Tips of makeup brush cleaning and maintenance

1.If you buy a new brush, you must first clean it with water + mild baby shampoo. Because the production of the makeup brush and the transportation and sales process will be contaminated with some dust and other dirty things.The first cleaning purpose is to wash away the impurities that will affect our skin's health and use.

2. Foundation brush and concealer brush,these brushes for paste and liquid products, should be cleaned one time in a week. Unclean foundation brushes not only reduce the use of the foundation, but also breed a lot of bacteria.

It is used to take a powdery makeup and wipe off the residual powder on the paper towel after each use. The frequency of washing with water should not be too high, no more than once a month. Too often washing will reduce the life of the brush.

After using the eyeliner brush every time, be sure to clean the eyeliner glue, so that you won't find the brush head hard when you use it next time, in order to draw smooth lines. After each use, you can choose a mild, alcohol-free eye make-up remover, pour a little on the paper towel, brush the eyeliner on it repeatedly until you can't draw the color, then wash it thoroughly with baby shampoo for 1-2 weeks. This one also applies to the eyebrow brush used to paint eyebrow gel.

3.Do not use adult shampoos and conditioners to clean makeup brushes. Because it contains "Silica" ingredients, Silica is completely rinsed with water and will adhere to the surface of the hair to form a film, which is why we feel the hair is smooth after washing the hair. However, if these ingredients are attached to the make-up bristles, the bristles will be soft and smooth, but the brush's gripping power will be greatly reduced and the effect will be affected.

4. No matter it is an animal brush or a fiber brush, it must not be cleaned with a product containing volatile components such as alcohol. Although alcohol can be sterilized and disinfected, it can be made into a disposable preparation. Though it is easy to use and dry quickly, resulting in the fluff being too fluffy, which is what we usually call "fried hair". The hair-washing brush, although it looks very fluffy and very cute, is not very effective. Especially the eye brush, you can draw a precise makeup, but once you fry, basically there is no way to use it properly. Long-term use of such cleaners will also make the bristles brittle and hard, and easily break. If you must use this type of bactericidal cleaner to disinfect the makeup brush, then at least rinse it with water after use, remove the residue of alcohol and other ingredients, and then dry according to the normal washing procedure.

5.Soap and other alkaline cleaners should never be used to wash makeup brushes. The characteristic of wool is that it is similar to acid (the same is true for human hair): alkaline solution will destroy the internal structure of wool and even dissolve wool.

6.Brush that just washed and the moisture is not dry, set the special makeup brush protection net on the hair, place it in a cool and dry place, and turn the brush head down or flat to dry (you need to change the brush direction after a while) Place the angle a bit, otherwise you will find that the side of the contact surface is much flatter than the other side. If you want to brush a compact brush, you can choose a tighter brush net. If you want to be a little fluffy, you can choose a slightly looser brush net. Wait until the bristles are completely dry before taking them off. The brush that has been fried can also be wetted with water and then covered with a tight brush net. After about 1 week, the original shape will be restored. After the usual use, the big brush such as the blush brush and the loose powder brush and some brushes that need to maintain a relatively compact brush type should also be put on the brush net. Eye shadow brush such small and medium-sized brush, when wet, it is best to use the brush net to shape.

7.When washing the brush, try to not let the part other than the bristles get water, especially the ferrule. If the water is inside, it is difficult to dry, which may cause the hair to be dragged down. Wooden handle, water immersion may cause cracks in the paint surface, deformation of the brush bar, dragging, cracking, etc., so dry the brush bar in time after cleaning.

8. Do not use a special detergent that only for sponge to clean the makeup brush, it will destroy the brush.

9.Do not wash with hot water, even in the winter, The glue of poor quality may be melted by heat, causing a lot of bristles to fall. High temperatures can also cause the bristles to deform, curl, become brittle and hard. Therefore, do not use a hair dryer to dry the bristles. Do not leave the brush in a place where the sun can shine directly at any time. The sun will make the brush fluffy.

10.The makeup brush bag can be dust-proof and saves space. However, if the brush bag or the brush is too dense, the bristles will be deformed due to the extrusion, so the brush bag should try to choose a relatively large space. But even if your brush bag is large enough, you can wipe more brush, don't fill it up, the spacious living environment will make the brush better. Use a higher sorting box, which uses the pen holder to separate the partition, wipe the brush into the pen holder, and cover the lid of the storage box when finished. . This can not only prevent dust, but also prevent the deformation of the bristles, and it is convenient to take.